Hi-Way Campers 2019 RV Parts & Accessories

FRESH WATER FRESH WATER 344 Special Order • Due To Fluctuating Costs In The Market Place Such As Tariffs, Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice, Contact Us for Latest Pricing RV Anti-Freeze Non-Toxic RV antifreeze -50° inhibits corrosion, lubricates pumps and valves as well as preventing algae growth. -50° antifreeze, with its propylene glycol base, will protect the potable water system down to the stated temperatures. At the lower temperature range it is normal for some slush or semi-solid formation of this anti-freeze which is not harmful to your system. 7-47050 30647 Winter Ban -50, 1-Gallon $6.59 7-47075 30787 Winter Ban -100, 1-Gallon $13.39 Fresh Water Fill Diverter Valve • This unit is taking the place of a gravity water fill on newer units. • Diverts water from the city water fill to the fresh water holding tank. • Identified by the 'blue' operating handle. 7-16157 DVF-1-A Diverter Valve, Pkg $148.49 7-16160 DCV-HB-A Fresh Water Fill Diverter Valve Handle $5.15 Diverter Valve - Winterizing • Switches water source from normal fresh water to an antifreeze source. • Identified by the 'white' operating handle. 7-16159 DVW-1-A Diverter Valve, Pkg $117.49 7-16162 DVW-HW-A Diverter Valve Handle, White $5.15 Diverter Valve - Water Heater • Most commonly used for winterizing and storage. • Bypasses the water flow of water from entering the hot water tank. • Identified by the 'red' operating handle. 7-16158 DVH-1-A Diverter Valve, Pkg $117.49 7-16161 DVH-HR-A Diverter Valve Handle - Water Heater $5.15 RV Hand Pump Kit You can pump antifreeze directly into your RV water system through the faucets or city water inlet with this durable RV hand pump. A flexible connecting line, plus city water connection and conventional water faucet adapters are included.. Made in USA. 4/case. 7-05003 36003 Pump Kit $21.99 Hand Pump Kit • Fills your fresh water lines with non-toxic RV antifreeze • Connects to outside water inlet 7-09244 P23507VP Hand Pump Kit, P lastic, Carded $23.25 Pump Converter Kit • Enables RV water pump to automatically winterize water lines • Connects inside the RV next to water pump 7-09243 P23506LFVP Pump Converter Kit, Carded $19.09 PTFE Tape 1/2" x 260' PTFE tape for sealing threaded connections. 7-05002 A05-0260 PTFE Tape, 1/2" X 260" $1.29 Brass Quick Disconnect Blow-Out Plug Aids in removal of water from water lines. Quick connect attaches to air compressor quick connect hose. Plug screws into RV's city water inlet. Completely clear your water lines. 7-06143 36143 Blow Out Plug W/Brass Quick Connect $9.39 By-Pass Valve 1/2" Replacement winterzation valve. Lead free. 7-09247 P23401LF 1/2" By Pass Valve $12.15 By-Pass Valve Replacement by-pass valve used in most by pass kits. Brass, lead free. 7-05463 37463 Replacement By-Pass Valve $13.25 Pump Converter Winterize Kit Use your existing water pump to winterize your RV year after year. Simply install sturdy brass valve to pump entry port. To winterize, attach siphon hose to valve and place other end in a bottle of antifreeze, then turn on pump. When finished just replace brass cap included and store hose for next year's winterizing. 4/case. 7-05543 36543 Pump Converter $18.99