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  1. •Login to:
  2. •Once logged in you will see only the sections and catalogs your products are in.
  3. •Each section shows the date the last changes were updated.
    •To edit your products, click on the box that corresponds with particular section
      in the catalog
  4. •Once in a section, you will see a list of your products on the right.
    •On the left side are the page numbers that include your products and correspond
      with the page numbers in the catalog.

5.  •To make a change, click on the green "Post Comment" button under the product
       and make a comment in the box on the left.
      •You can make as many comments per box, and you have an unlimited number
        of characters.
      •Once your comment is saved, Unified RV is notified and the correction can
        be addressed.


Unified RV provides Full Color Catalogs for both dealers and retailers. Increase your sales by
showcasing your products in one of the premier catalogs for the RV Aftermarket industry.

Contact us for more details and pricing information.


A   Manufacturer's Logo (Color)
B   Product Headline
C   Color Photo of Each Product
D   Long Description
E   Sub-Heading For Multiple Categories
F   Distributor Number
G   Manufacturer's Part Number
H   Short Description
I   Suggested Retail Price
• Specifications (Size, Color, Weight, etc.) Web Only

All Product Listing Pages are in a 2-inch wide, three column format. Suppliers are billed for each product listing with a 2-inch minimum. Suppliers must provide high resolution digital photographs of their products: 300 dpi, jpg or tiff (for further info see RVAA Digital Graphics Standards). Suppliers without high resolution images can contract with UnifiedRV to have the images taken. Artwork not meeting specifications, or new product submissions received after the deadline run the risk of "non placement." Products may be discontinued from the UnifiedRV Catalog based on sales performance or a suppliers participation.


Have 1 or 2 Pages of Products?...

Add a 1 Inch Header!


The header includes the name of the manufacturer and can be designed to compliment the section. If the Header and Product Listings fill a complete page it will be billed at the Full Page rate. If not, it will be billed by the cost of the Header and the column inches used. Each header page = 27" of product listings, with a maximum of 12 products listed.


Command Attention & Showcase Your Products

1/3 Page: 2.4" x 9.531"
2/3 Page: 4.925" x 9.531"
Full Page: 7.5" x 9.531"
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1/2 Page (Top Only) : 7.5" x 4.776"
Combination Spread
One or Two Pages with a combination of ads and products.

Use Your Own Ad or Let Us Design One for You

*If ads are not received by the deadline, UnifiedRV will use an ad from previous years, or create a custom ad for the supplier. UnifiedRV will make every attempt to place the ad as close to the Product Listing as possible. All ad placements are at the discretion of UnifiedRV.



Highlight Products At the
Beginning Of Each Section


Each catalog section begins with two pages that highlight the products within that section. Each ad will include a color picture, color logo, and page number where the product can be found within the section. Space is limited, six to nine ads are available. This page includes a mini table of contents which will help the consumer navigate the section.



Be Viewed First!

Each consumer catalog has three cover pages for advertising:

  • Inside Front Cover
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Back Cover

Cover Ad Size: 8.375" x 10.875 
Plus 0.125" bleed on all sides.


  • Ads must be full color.
  • No black & white, or duo-toned images
  • Ad must have a combination of copy and images, not all copy ads will be accepted.
  • Ad must be graphically sound as to the criteria of UnifiedRV Graphic Department.
  • Any ad that is rejected for cover use may be remade by supplier, as long as it adheres to UnifiedRV Deadlines and UnifiedRV Digital Graphics Standards.



Following are the Guidelines for Manufacturers & Suppliers in Submitting Graphics
and/or Text for Print & Web Use.


Formats & Preferred Applications:

Text: Microsoft Word files saved as (.txt)

Print Graphics: (logos, ads, charts) Adobe Illustrator (.eps) CMYK High Resolution. Any imported Images should be 300 ppi (Pixels Per Inch). Convert all type to Outline

Note:logos will be optimized to fit a box .25” tall x 1.5” wide.

Product Images: Supply images as Adobe Photoshop (.jpg), CMYK, High Resolution 300 ppi (Pixels Per Inch), 3” x 3” Minimum (larger is good - smaller is not).

Line Drawing: Created as Adobe Illustrator (.eps) or Bitmap 1200 ppi at the size intended for use.

Acceptable Applications: QuarkXpress 8, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign CS4 or less, Acrobat 7.0.

Note: send all fonts and supporting documents. Publisher, Corel Draw, MacDraw or any other graphics programs are not acceptable.


Submission Of Art Work For Ads:

Each submissions:
• Must be designed with an acceptable software application.
• Must have “native files” with layers.
• Must have a “pdf” file of finished page.

Supporting Files:
• Include all fonts used in your files. Postscript Type 1 Fonts: make sure you send both the screen font and printer font (two pieces). True Type Fonts: All of the font information is included in one file. (All other fonts formats are not acceptable!)
• Include all photos, illustrations and charts imported into your document.

Ad Content: Any ad that includes an address, web site listing, product listings with prices will be sent back to the manufacturer for correction, or will be altered by UnifiedRV Graphics Department.

Product Photos:
• All images should be photographed on a white background.
• For best results use an eight mega pixel camera, on a seamless light table. This will eliminate all shadows and enhance your product visually.

Web Graphics: All files for the Web should be 72 ppi, RGB and saved as a gif, jpg or png file, size 3” x 3”.

Note: Web files CANNOT be substituted for print files. If you are producing only one kind of files make sure it meets the print graphic requirements (CMYK listed above).


Transporting Graphics:

Media Disks: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM that are readable by Windows or Mac.Please do not use special compression software.
E-Mail: Send to We cannot accept a file greater than 10mb. Either send them in multiple emails or through other methhood. may find it convenient to upload files to our ftp site.

• Connect to the site using your web browser (Windows) or Fetch or similar application (MacOS):

User: unifiedrvguest
Password: guest!

• Collect all files in a folder with your company name on it and place it on the ftp window.


Naming Files:

Naming Product Images: Identify the manufacturer’s part number.Example: (3456-1.jpg) A .jpg works even if you have a clipping path.
Naming Ads, Logos and Charts: Use words that will easily identify the file. Example. (YourNameSewerHoseAd.eps) or (YourName-Logo.eps) or (YourNameHoseChart.eps) Each group of Files should be labeled specifically and easily identified. Example. (2009 NewProduct Images)

Read Me File: Graphic should be accompanied by a “Read Me” file containing descriptions of the artwork, graphics and/or text. Document should indicate whether the submission is a change or new. And if there are archived files from previous years.


PDF Proof:

To insure accuracy ads and charts should be accompanied by a PDF proof.